DXA Investments is a private equity firm focused on providing growth capital and assistance to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). Currently manages U$ 200 million and employs a team of 10 professionals, with offices in Brazil and in the United States.

We maintain a close relationship with our investors and believe ethics must drive our daily decisions and actions. In late 2013, Enterprise Asset Management, a US-based family office, became an equity partner in DXA Investments.

DXA is one of the first registered minority-owned firms in the region and is regulated by both CVM in Brazil and SEC in the US.


Founded in 2012, DXA was the first fund in Brazil to focus its strategy on resolving an underserved market of risk capital to small companies. Inspired by other international funds, such as SEAF, DXA Investments made its purpose to provide capital to entrepreneurs that were seeking innovation and money to grow their businesses.

Investment in developing-country SME’s has the benefit of promoting the economic health and stability of that country.  SME’s directly contribute to employment, capital, and infrastructure, and indirectly affect tangential businesses and individuals who interact with the SME.  Strategic investment furnishes critical resources to assist in company growth and profitability.  Private capital contributed to SME’s also has a profound multiple effect which creates a long-term growth impact for developing societies and countries.  The research acumen and managerial insight of DXA enables it to target high growth SME opportunities which also further the ulterior beneficial objective of spurring regional economic impact and the goal of promoting societal stability and growth.  These objectives are aspirational to developing countries, and risk capital is integral to their success.

Since inception, DXA has invested more than U$ 50 million in equity capital and has provided more than U$ 300 million in debt facilities to SMEs.


Flavio Ramos
Oscar Decotelli
Daniela Pfeiffer
Marina Cabral
Bruno Olinto
Roberta Maluf
Tatiana Nascimento
Vinicius Oliveira
Vanessa Velmovitsky
Raphael Dusi
MWBE Certified