WSJ - H.I.G. Capital Leads $65 Million Investment in Brazil’s Modern Logistics (WSJ)

April 06, 2020

In the middle of such difficult times, we continue to see Private Investment opportunities in Brazil. I am very proud of Modern Logistics and to have now with us, H.I.G. Capital.

Worldnews - Modern Logistics Wins $65 Million Investment in Bid for Fresh Capital

April 19, 2020

Modern Logistics is pleased to announce a $65 million investment in the company, significantly enhancing its capital spending capabilities and corporate expansion across its home country of Brazil.

H.I.G.'s participation places the firm alongside Rio de Janeiro-based DXA Investments as the two major private equity investors with significant positions in Modern Logistics.

Pronews Report - Modern Logistics

February 28, 2020

DXA Investments is proud of having Modern Logistics on its portfolio. The company wich has a one-stop-shop logistics model and address it to brazilian market

"Modern Logistics is at the forefront of creative, private sector-driven logistics that embraces new and different solutions to aggressively take on one of Brazil’s most enduring and daunting problems – that of overcoming the country’s challenges of distance and geography to efficiently move goods to market."

WSJ - In Their Own Words

January 27, 2020

The chief executive of Brazilian private-equity firm DXA Investments shares his thoughts on the surprises of 2019 and the potential challenges that lie ahead for private-equity in Latin America

Bloomberg TV - Daybreak Americas

December 20, 2019

Brazil has been doing its homework on the economic front. He believes the next years will witness a strong international capital flow into private markets in the region. It was a great honor to discuss this and other subjects again on Bloomberg TV.

WSJ - DXA Investments Backs Sikur

October 29, 2019

Custom-encrypted smartphones and software provider Sikur will be at web summit tecnhnology conference in Lisbon alongside with DXA Investment next week.

"Brazilian private-equity firm DXA Investments is backing cybersecurity company Sikur, betting on rising demand for tools to protect business and government communication from hackers."  By Luis Garcia

Bloomberg TV - Daybreak Americas

October 28, 2019

​DXA Investments CEO, Oscar Decotelli, spoke to Bloomberg anchor Alix Steel about the opportunites and the scenario in Latin America. Click the picture to watch a clip.

Euromoney Magazine

October 04, 2019

Brazil leads LatAm private equity surge

LATAM`s structural changes in the political and economic front have paved the way for investments in private equity in the years to come.


September 10, 2019

Profits from Pets

Millennials love their pets. This trend has led to explosive growth in the U.S. Pet Industry -- to the tune of more than $60 billion in annual sales. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC's online video series, Oscar Decotelli, CEO and Founding Partner of Rio de Janeiro-based DXA Investments, explains how capitalizing on this trend led to the acquisition, global expansion and sale of a Brazilian pet products business that allowed DXA to return more than 12X to limited partners.

WSJ - Summer Read

August 05, 2019

Oscar Decotelli, chief executive, DXA Investments


“The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey” by Candice Millard


“The story about the resilience and challenges faced by the former president after his terms...

Investing in Brazil - IssueWire

June 25, 2019

Investing in Brazil is not about Macro local opportunities. Large companies such as Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Softbank and many other..

Bloomberg TV - Daybreak Americas

June 24, 2019

Although Brazil's macro story is improving, Oscar discusses about local business opportunities and the landscape for private investments. 

Wall Street Journal - Modern Logistics

January 14, 2019

Brazil’s Modern Logistics Seeks Up to $200 Million in New Investments

Modern Logistics, a Brazilian company backed by private-equity firm DXA Investments, is
seeking up to $200 million in new investments as it looks to expand its presence in the Brazilian market.

Bloomberg Surveillance - Radio

January 02, 2019

Bloomberg Surveillance Radio hosts Tom Keene and Pimm Fox interview Oscar Decotelli, CEO of DXA Investments, on the perspectives for investors in Brazil.

Bloomberg TV - Daybreak Americas

December 27, 2018

DXA Investments CEO, Oscar Decotelli, and Modern Logistics CEO, Gerald Lee, spoke to Bloomberg anchor Alix Steel about the opportunites and the scenario in the new Bolsonaro Government. Modern Logistics was featured as a solution for the country's inneficient infrastructure.

Bloombeerg TV - Daybreak Americas

October 29, 2018

DXA Investments CEO, Oscar Decotelli, spoke to Bloomberg anchor Alix Steel about the opportunites and the scenario in Brazil after elections. Click the picture to watch full show or the button below to watch the clip. (Oscar appears in 1h 17m if you choose the full show link).

Bloomberg TV - DayBreak Americas

October 04, 2018

DXA Investments CEO, Oscar Decotelli, spoke to Bloomberg anchor Alix Steel about the opportunites and the scenario in Brazil. Click the picture to watch a clip or the button below to watch the full show (Oscar appears in 1h 22m).

Valor Econômico

May 15, 2018

Funds lookout for opportunities in small businesses

The Wall Street Journal

February 26, 2018

DXA Investments Sells Its Stake in Zee Dog Back to Company’s Founders

Cheddar TV

November 28, 2017

Investing in Brazil

Oscar Decotelli, CEO, Managing Partner and Co-head of Private Equity at DXA Investments, discusses the launch of the company's second private equity fund, "Excelsior II."

Decotelli discusses the firm's focus on small to mid-cap, high growth companies and how the new fund looks for "big companies trapped inside small companies," which need more funds and a bit more guidance from investors. He discusses DXA's investments in Modern Logistics which is the first logistics company in Brazil with its own air fleet. He says a company like that can be exceptional for Brazilian tech as Amazon looks to move into the region.

Decotelli talks issues with regulations that Uber faces in the country, as well as the Brazilian government as a whole, and what that means for the incubation of start-ups.

Private Equity magazine

December 12, 2017


Article written by Oscar Decotelli to Opalesque Private Equity magazine

The Wall Street Journal

December 04, 2017

Brazil’s DXA Investments in Talks for Sale of Dog-Accessory Company


September 18, 2017


Brazilian private equity investment firm DXA investments has launched its second private equity growth fund with a target of US$75m.

Folha de São Paulo

September 23, 2014

Ex-executivos de Azul e JetBlue se unem para criar rival de FedEx

Funds Society

May 23, 2017

Mesa redonda sobre cómo obtener grandes crecimientos a pesar de la recesión, en Brasil

GreenbergTraurig Event

May 22, 2017

Greenberg Traurig, LLP will host an event focused on Brazil, “High Growth Despite Recession: Investing in Small Companies in Brazil,” May 23 in the firm’s Miami office.

The event will feature a panel discussion regarding the current regulatory environment in Brazil, and the alternative investment community there. Additional speakers include Francine Balbina, executive director of DMS Governance; Franciele Sgarioni, senior sales and marketing executive at Trident Trust; Oscar Decotelli, CEO of DXA Investments; Thalius Hecksher, global director of Trident Trust; and Gerald Lee, CEO of Modern Logistics.


June 02, 2014

Parceria entre chef Alex Atala e gestora é bem-sucedida

Chef bucou auxílio da DXA Investments quando percebeu que não conseguiria fazer todo o trabalho sozinho, parceria que deu muito certo

O Estado de S. Paulo

June 02, 2014

Quando um gestor vai para a cozinha

O que mudou no grupo do chef Alex Atala com a chegada, há um ano, da empresa de investimento carioca DXA.

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